Creative Design

The fundamental basis of our design methodology is centred around the preferences of the owner. Through a meticulous analysis of their specific desires, coupled with a careful selection process of appropriate materials and accessories, we ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction. This approach guarantees that our final product is tailored to meet the precise needs of the client.

Concept and moodboard

The customer is at the center of the project.
To define the interior project we use “concept” and “moodbord” as tools. These two allows us to follow easily the client’s needs.
The project idea, suggestions, coverings, furnishing choices, inspirational images, are collected and reworked with coherence and balance.

F+D srl provide guidance and direction in all the interior design process: From preliminary sketches to the production, with beautiful living solutions. With the finest bespoke interiors where form meets function.

The studio’s designers spend hours in the collection of sample materials, selecting the wood, stone, leather, fabric or paint suitable for a specific environment or function. 

We use the material palettes, along with the renderings, to give owners a clear idea of what their boat will look like. Every aspect of a yacht’s layout must coherently match and align with its owner’s needs and lifestyle. 

photorealistic renderings

By using latest generation software we control the real spaces.
The images show details in combination with a selection of commercial furniture, upholstery, lighting and all the other accessories that make
the environment complete.

The renderings show the environment ‘as engineered’ and fully correspond to reality.