Executive Design

A close interaction between form, function and balance, linked to careful ergonomics study.

Our design approach involves a close integration of form, function and balance, informed by careful ergonomics study. We adopt a creative approach when studying a general arrangement plan, which enables us to accurately conceptualize the spaces within the yacht. The spaces are designed to offer users a sense of tranquillity, safety, comfort and protection.


In this phase, the boat’s spaces are meticulously defined with dimensional and ergonomic checks. Passages and connections are also optimized for guest and crew functionality.


F+D srl optimizes industrial production by providing 3D joinery and shop drawings, 2D plans, details, and work surveying. Our services are customized to meet each client’s unique needs and are delivered with a commitment to precision and accuracy.

Drawings depict pre-fab components and their manufacturing/installation process. They serve as a guide to ensure accurate and reliable functionality, and adherence to guidelines is imperative.